Saturday, July 15, 2006

Touching the taboo...

"I want to have this portable restroom!" Angeliny said.

"Ahmm", Mr. Frog Restroom smiled. "You must pay a golden ring or.." Mr. Frog stopped.

"OR what?"

"Kiss me!" Mr. Frog said with a big smile.

Angeliny looked at the little green frog whom's charm in his own maner. Wormy rolled in the basket room. "Why not?" Angeliny thought to herself.

She picked up the little green frog. Just she gonna kiss him...A strange birdy voice screaming out from a big tree behind them. "You will be turned into a little prince and locked into a little castle if she kisses you"

Mr. Frog face turned all pale. He quickly jumped out of Angeliny's hand. Faster than a bullet, Mr. Frog popped into the bush and disppeared!

Angeliny walked to the back of the tree. Behind it was Wormy inside the rolling home with a big smile!

Just then, a voice thundered in the air. "Here is a portable restroom for you, Wormy! I will be watching you!"

Alas, they looked up. Indeed, hanged above them was a giant mans restroom with a black button!

Watching the giant mans restroom, Naya and Angeliny suddenly had a wild vision popping up into their mind.....

Naya saw himself ware the Mans Restroom on his head. It was a Dick Hat!

Angeliny saw herself trapped into the Mans Restroom which was a Cock Trap!


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