Friday, July 28, 2006

Back to the start II

It just likes the base law of mathematics: 1+1 =2. The gang of three walked back to this starting point again. Looking at the red and blue arrows, they reflashed the strange experiences with Mr. Frog and the wild visions when they chosed to walk the red way!

Alas, what should they do now? Which way to go to find the exlirie of life to save Wormy?

With an A+ from math, Ainy said that the blue way will certainly pointing to the female restroom as the red way pointing to the man restroom. So they need not to waste time to go the blue way!

Naya agreed as he was also a B+ student from Math.

Wormy, once a charming red knight guarding the tree of life, was also a great mathematician before he was casted into a worm by the mighty witch Jenny. As a worm, he thinks like a worm. So he said that we don't know What Mr. Frog thought when he set this up. We may have to go the blue way to find out! Besides, he added, Mr. Frog doesn't seem like a good math student!

Ainy looked at Naya, Naya looked at Wormy. Wormy smiled innocently.

Ah voila, Ainy and Naya agreed to go the blue way as Wormy suggesed with a secret delight to see Wormy's defeated reaction when they finally reach the woman's restroom!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

War was delayed finitely!

The bowl of cherry with whipped topped cream has pursuied the gang into a cheerful mode. Decision finally they had. That's: let's home-mocking first!

You can be sure that they were gonna have a nice sleep on this lovely hammock...even Wormy crawling out of his rolling home!

(*Wanna a solution to stop the war between you and your lover? Having a bowl of cherry on Home-mocking)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Holy Smoothly

As you can see from the right, a bowl of Cherry with whipped topped cream suddenly appeared in the center of the battle field just when empiror put his mouth on the trumpet with a mouth of air ready to blow!

Holy Smoothly!

Naya, Wormy and Angeliny called out at the same time! Three of them rushed toward the bowl of cherry as if pulled by an invisible power beam! Forgot totally about the war, they sit around the bowl eating the cherry and the cream!

Empiror signed with hands in the sky! No one can fight the power of cherry with whipped topped cream! With a second thought, empiror put down the trumpet and let out a big mouth of air. Running as far as he can, he too jointed in the gang to enjoy the bowl of cherry with whipped topped cream!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wormy declared: WAR ON BLACK HOLE

Wormy was not ready to be sucked into the black hole yet! He and Naya turned Mr. Frog's mans mobile restroom into a mighty X-Wing fighter with two balls fulling of Whipped Topping Cream! Ready or not( This X-wing may not look much but it arms with a Sky-Walker's Jedi trick!), he and Naya were ready to fly toward the hole and fight when the empiror blaw the trumpet: fire at will)

While Angeliny was fully ready too for the big war! She was fully confident of herself..just wait till they were in the ranch of the power beam, she will press the red button to pull them into the hole of Moojoo Chocolate milky pool. There will be no escape this time!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To proof.....

If you don't believe me, history has a proof.

Ah vola, below was a great astronaut D, the first human landing on Mars, on his way back to earth, he falt into a black hole--- later he complained that who knows breast means black hole?---never be able to go back to space again....

Worst of all, his colleges gave him a nickname: milkyman

One way in No way out!

To add to Wormy's darkest fear, four silly girls dressed in cheerful team short skirts suddenly popped in front of Wormy! They holded hands in circle around Wormy dancing and sing that silly song:

One way in No way Out
Ye Ye
One way in No way Out
Ye Ye Ye

(*I got this funny scene by taking a bus one evening: a few girls popped up the bus then they sang this song and one girl danced. They were having a good time with themselves and I enjoyed it*)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Breast trap

While Angeliny and Naya engaged in their own wild visions, Wormy was not left alone. He saw himself helplessly stucked in a breast unable to escape! Worst, he saw himself split into two selfs, one wanna in one wanna out...............awwwwwwwwwwwww

Help! I want to be whole! I want to be free! I'm a free man!

Someone laughed in the bush. It sounded like Mr. Frog.

While a bit further away, a robin watched intensively.

To eat or not to eat? Not to eat but watch this free real life movie with a super star? That's tough when one is hungry.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Play the balls!

A silver light flashed through the sky. Two balls suddenly hanged in front of Angeliny. Staring amazely at the balls, Angeliny asked, "What should I do with the balls?"

Naya waked up from his own pondering, "Why gets out the cock trap? Play the balls!"

Playing the balls! Angeliny seeing herself stucking in the dark corner with two balls!

What can she play with the balls?

They can be basketballs!
Soccer balls!

Angeliny thinking with a smile.....

Seeing that, Naya added, they can be screw balls!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Look UP!

Awwwwwwww, Angeliny just can't get out of this COCK TRAP!!!!!

Help!!!!!!!!! She screamed while Naya pondered over this dick hat and what it means.....

"Look UP! Help is on the way....." A voice whisper down from the sky.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Touching the taboo...

"I want to have this portable restroom!" Angeliny said.

"Ahmm", Mr. Frog Restroom smiled. "You must pay a golden ring or.." Mr. Frog stopped.

"OR what?"

"Kiss me!" Mr. Frog said with a big smile.

Angeliny looked at the little green frog whom's charm in his own maner. Wormy rolled in the basket room. "Why not?" Angeliny thought to herself.

She picked up the little green frog. Just she gonna kiss him...A strange birdy voice screaming out from a big tree behind them. "You will be turned into a little prince and locked into a little castle if she kisses you"

Mr. Frog face turned all pale. He quickly jumped out of Angeliny's hand. Faster than a bullet, Mr. Frog popped into the bush and disppeared!

Angeliny walked to the back of the tree. Behind it was Wormy inside the rolling home with a big smile!

Just then, a voice thundered in the air. "Here is a portable restroom for you, Wormy! I will be watching you!"

Alas, they looked up. Indeed, hanged above them was a giant mans restroom with a black button!

Watching the giant mans restroom, Naya and Angeliny suddenly had a wild vision popping up into their mind.....

Naya saw himself ware the Mans Restroom on his head. It was a Dick Hat!

Angeliny saw herself trapped into the Mans Restroom which was a Cock Trap!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Something missing....

Angeliny was just happy to have anything for this rushing moment. But she suddenly realized something missing! "Where's the cover?" She asked. "Cover?" Mr. Restroom puzzled. "Well, you expected me to pee pee in front of your guys?!"

Mr. Restroom can't understand. "What's wrong with looking?"

Angeliny won't spend any more minute to explain the whole issue with this Mr. Restroom! She picked up a branch of leaves and pulling it over three of them. Feeling safer, she began to use this portable woman restroom. To her delight, it was as good as Mr. Restroom Frog claimed.

Yet a bit distance away, a goose was watching curiously.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


{Suddenly, CC music screaming out ---Finally Finally Finally--what's the name of that finally song?----}

"Tara!" A voice finally beamed out the dark cloud just when Angeliny gonna bursted out....

Looking up, above them, hanging on a big sign basket was a little green frog!

Naya was amazed! Such a little frog with thundered voice!

"A sign for womans restroom!" Angeliny cried. "WHERE's the portable restroom?"

"Aha, no hurry!", a little frog grinned. He clicked his left finger. The swing basket turned and shaw them the hidden sign:

Seeing three of them puzzled by this, Mr. Restroom, the little frog identified himself as, proudly introducing them his great invention for the female portable restroom: by pressing the red button on the center, a stronger than spider web transparent plastic bag springing out! After pee pee into the bag, pressing the red button again. The bag will be closed up and stayed inside the basket until one discard the bag in the perminant restroom! Mr. Restroom explained. "AND," He continued say, "The basket can be used as a decoration! One can hang it in front of the chest or at the back. Hanging in front will make one looking like have three breasts as that female in Total Recall! At the back, you will be the first and gain a trophy from Guiness World Record!"

"Alas," Mr. Restroom said with a bit regret. "I am still working on the formula to turn the pee into a drinkable juicy! Once it is done, i see my portable restroom will be carried around the world by many just those crawling in desert, mountain, PIRATES or ASTRONAUTs."