Friday, July 28, 2006

Back to the start II

It just likes the base law of mathematics: 1+1 =2. The gang of three walked back to this starting point again. Looking at the red and blue arrows, they reflashed the strange experiences with Mr. Frog and the wild visions when they chosed to walk the red way!

Alas, what should they do now? Which way to go to find the exlirie of life to save Wormy?

With an A+ from math, Ainy said that the blue way will certainly pointing to the female restroom as the red way pointing to the man restroom. So they need not to waste time to go the blue way!

Naya agreed as he was also a B+ student from Math.

Wormy, once a charming red knight guarding the tree of life, was also a great mathematician before he was casted into a worm by the mighty witch Jenny. As a worm, he thinks like a worm. So he said that we don't know What Mr. Frog thought when he set this up. We may have to go the blue way to find out! Besides, he added, Mr. Frog doesn't seem like a good math student!

Ainy looked at Naya, Naya looked at Wormy. Wormy smiled innocently.

Ah voila, Ainy and Naya agreed to go the blue way as Wormy suggesed with a secret delight to see Wormy's defeated reaction when they finally reach the woman's restroom!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog. Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Very amusing story you were carrying on here. The costumes you created were fabulous!