Wednesday, July 12, 2006


{Suddenly, CC music screaming out ---Finally Finally Finally--what's the name of that finally song?----}

"Tara!" A voice finally beamed out the dark cloud just when Angeliny gonna bursted out....

Looking up, above them, hanging on a big sign basket was a little green frog!

Naya was amazed! Such a little frog with thundered voice!

"A sign for womans restroom!" Angeliny cried. "WHERE's the portable restroom?"

"Aha, no hurry!", a little frog grinned. He clicked his left finger. The swing basket turned and shaw them the hidden sign:

Seeing three of them puzzled by this, Mr. Restroom, the little frog identified himself as, proudly introducing them his great invention for the female portable restroom: by pressing the red button on the center, a stronger than spider web transparent plastic bag springing out! After pee pee into the bag, pressing the red button again. The bag will be closed up and stayed inside the basket until one discard the bag in the perminant restroom! Mr. Restroom explained. "AND," He continued say, "The basket can be used as a decoration! One can hang it in front of the chest or at the back. Hanging in front will make one looking like have three breasts as that female in Total Recall! At the back, you will be the first and gain a trophy from Guiness World Record!"

"Alas," Mr. Restroom said with a bit regret. "I am still working on the formula to turn the pee into a drinkable juicy! Once it is done, i see my portable restroom will be carried around the world by many just those crawling in desert, mountain, PIRATES or ASTRONAUTs."


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