Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stairway to God

"What's that?" Wormy stretched his head highup to look at the red drop rope. Pica smiled. "It is the stair way to God!" Pica explained. "Stairway to God?" Naya looked puzzled.

"Yes.", Pica said. "Every five full moon night, all of blue group fellows except enfants climbing this red drop rope. Those who can reach the top staying in the JellyBloody Basket. The one who has the match will be the new leader of our blue group choosen by GOD!"

"Oh! How interested!" Angeliny said. She has finished carrying the Bluespidercheese pancake to the party ground and returned. "What happened to those who can't reach the top?" Wormy asked while trying hard looking at the long drop rope. "Indeed!" Pica claimed with a grin in his eyes. " There will be a JellyBloody Pool for them to drop in!" Pica laughed.

"What are the drops for?" Naya asked. "Each drop contains a set of qustions. " Pica explained. "One has to push a button on each drop and answer the question. Only correct answer can open the gate of that drop to higher level drop." "Weepyy!" Wormy cried. Pica smiled. "It takes strength and mind to reach the JellyBloody Basket! Then God decides the one".


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