Monday, July 03, 2006

A Spell upon Wormy

In the dream, Angeliny floated in the night sky among the stars. The silver full moon haning in front of her like a mirror showing her an astonishing truth. A charming red knight, called Brat once Wormy was, was a guardian of the tree of life until he met a mighty witch Louise. She wanted the knight to be the king of her castle and live forever with her. But the knight has a wander heart. In a rage of anger, the mighty witch casted a powerful spell over the red knight turned him into a worm.

The moon mirror shaw her Wormy can only live to 8th full moon. Only the elixie of life can restore him. Just when the mirror began to show Angeliny where to find the elixie of life, Angeliny suddenly waked up by a scream far away. A voice faded away..... in the land of......the black swan witch.....the drop......


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